Frequently Asked Questions


We know the world of antiques can be a strange place. Let us help you learn how we navigate!

What does "fixed up" mean?

When purchasing an antique door, there are always pre-existing hinge marks and hardware holes. Sometimes there are even busted out panels, or spliced rails. Some of these doors have been through a LOT. Our goal in fixing up these old beauties is to be sure they are structurally sound and will last you another 100 years. Included in the "fixed up" price of a door is the plugging of hardware holes, sanding, squaring, and sizing.

How long does your stripping process take?

One week from the date of drop off.

How do I pick up my order?

If your custom door order is finished and you have been contacted letting you know that it is ready for pickup, we ask that you call our main office to schedule your pickup. This allows us time to get your doors together and pull them to the front office for easy loading. Just let us know the day and approximate time you would like to come get them!

How do I shop your inventory?

As our warehouse is quite massive, and each item is individual, it is best to make a trip to come see us. If you are not able to visit our shop in person, please feel free to message us on Instagram where we can personally shop for you!

What is your policy on holds?

We can mark an item on hold for an in person customer for 3 days. Online, or over the phone customers only have a 24 hour hold on items. All we need from you is your last name! Once your designated time period is up, the item is up for sale again.

If my item doesn't work, can I return it?

All items can be returned for store credit only. We do not offer refunds. Your original receipt is required for us to issue a store credit. If the item has been modified in any way since it has left the shop, we will not be able to issue a store credit in the amount of the original purchase. PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR RECEIPTS!

How long do I have to pick up my "fixed up" and "as is" doors?

Once your item is finished being repaired, we ask that you pick up within 30 days of when we call to let you know it's ready.

All "as is" orders must be picked up within 7 business days from purchase.

How does a deposit work?

With any custom orders we require a 50% deposit, the remaining balance will be due at time of pickup. However, we prefer payment in full to make pickup/delivery faster and easier for you.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship using a few different methods. If you are nearby, within 700 miles we can deliver to you personally. Our charge for delivery is $2 per one way mile and $50 for anything within Orleans Parish. If your order is huge or there are extra heavy items that require an extra set of hands there may be an additional charge added to your delivery fee. If you are out out of our delivery zone, we like to use APLUS shipping and packaging for anything long distance.

What is NOT included in a door purchase?

Door frames or jambs, hardware, glasswork, stains or finishes.

We do not cut holes for hardware, we recommend that all hardware installation is done on site.

We recommend HARO Glass and Mirror for any glass installation.

Do you have flooring?

Unfortunately no, after hurricane Katrina we decided to focus our attention on our doors and other salvage items. We no longer carry flooring or lumber.

Will you come to my house and install my doors or shutters?

Unfortunately, we do not have the man power to be able to send our staff to measure or install custom orders.

What is a standard size door?

When dealing with antique door sizes, there is no such thing as a "standard size". Doors back then were made custom to the house; standard door sizes are a relatively new idea. The good news is that we are able to adjust the sizes of the old doors to fit more modern sized openings.

Should I remove glass or hardware prior to getting my items stripped?

Yes, we are not responsible for lost or damaged glass or hardware for items being stripped. The best option would be to remove all glass and hardware before dropping off your items.

Where do you get all of your inventory?

We have been collecting architectural salvage since 1972. Most of our inventory is local however, we get treasures from all over the globe!

What products do you recommend for staining and finishing?

We highly recommend using BRIWAX for waxing antique doors . It leaves the doors protected while keeping their antique charm. You can find more information as well as a link to their website below.