Started by this guy...

Big Mike

James Wilkerson (Big Mike)

 Mike established "The Bank" on Felicity St. In 1972  in an old bank building where he restored doors, shutters and other architectural treasures in keeping with the culture and history of New Orleans. He always had humorous remarks and comments for his customers and was featured on the renovation TV show "This Old House" several times. Mike retired several years ago but his interest in architectural treasures is being sustained by his children  Sean and Kelly. 

And passed on to these guys.... 


 Sean is in charge of everything at the Bank. He enjoys picking out unique items to feature in old New Orleans homes. He has been featured in many home renovation TV shows and magazine articles. Sean is the muscle behind the magic. He keeps the shop running like a well oiled machine. He handpicks our entire inventory to make sure you have as many options as possible. Sean has worked at The Bank his whole life, which means he lives and breathes architectural antiques! 

Sean's day off is Wednesday


 Kelly has worked at The Bank since she was a little girl and knows a ton of tips and tricks to make your renovation projects simple! Kelly specializes in custom shutters. She can help you with any questions you have about New Orleans architecture and style. If you want to work with a true New Orleanian character, Kelly is who you're looking for! 

Kelly's day off is Monday. 


 Haley is The Bank's personal spider-monkey. Small but mighty, she will climb to great heights to get the items you need. She can often be found rolling around the shop on her scooter. Haley has been working at the shop her entire life and has extensive knowledge on all things architectural. If you're looking for someone who's helpful and informative, Haley is your girl. She'll jump through hoops to provide excellent service! 

Haley's off day is Wednesday.


 Kristy has worked at The Bank for almost a year. She is in charge of our Instagram and online clientele. Kristy has worked in marketing and events for more than half of her professional career and she gets so much satisfaction working with you to find the special doors you are looking for. Kristy has a love for the goofy, if you see bubble guns or confetti on the floor, just know that she is up to no good. 

Kristy's day off is Thursday.


Naomi has a size 11 shoe, her nickname is bigfoot. She is in charge of answering the phones and hardware, if you need a custom order or guidance, she is the girl to ask! Naomi is by far our tallest staff member, at a whopping 6ft tall she can reach new heights in customer satisfaction. As a New Orleans local, feel free to ask her about all the fun local dives and restaurants! 

Naomi’s day off is Tuesday. 



Frank is by far the laziest employee we have at The Bank. His day includes laying around the office enjoying the air conditioning and eating snacks. He can be found going on walks and chewing on his bones instead of working.

 Let's just say Frank's day off is everyday.